Bronze Star Medal

Maiorul post mortem Tiberius Petre a fost decorat de armata americană cu Bronze Star Medal. Șeful trupelor speciale americane din Europa i-a înmânat decorația locotenentului Dorina Petre, soția ofițerului. Tiberius Petre a fost comandantul unui comando care acționa în Afganistan. El a fost împușcat mortal în timp ce lua cu asalt casa unui lider taliban.

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    1. Adelin Petrisor Post author

      Americanu, m-am împrietenit cu Petrică în Afganistan, în perioada petrecută cu comandoul său.
      Doctorultau, suntem în NATO. Operațiunea din Afganistan este a Alianței.

  1. americanu

    Parca e un sentiment de ala de deja vu’:

    “09/17/10: Italian officer killed in Afghanistan
    One of the two members of Italy’s special forces in Afghanistan wounded Friday in a firefight with insurgents has died “

  2. a

    pentru cei care vor sa inteleaga povestea:
    in prima fotografie pusa de Adelin este General Maior Michael S. Repass, comandantul U.S. Special Operations Command Europe
    in a doua este Master Sgt. Joshua Whitty, 1st Battalion, 10th Special Forces Group (Airborne)
    un citat din articol:
    “Petre was recommended for the award by Master Sgt. Joshua Whitty, team sergeant, 1st Battalion, 10th Special Forces Group (Airborne), and the two became great friends during their deployment together in support of ISAF special operations forces missions. Reflecting on his friendship with Petre, Whitty revealed a wide grin.

    “Captain Pete, as we affectionately called him, was very upbeat and aggressive all the time,” Whitty said. “He always wanted to do the next operation because he wanted his team to get more experience as a Special Forces unit. His famous quote was, ‘We have news?’

    “He always wanted to get involved and we would bring him in as we were tracking a target to get the last bit of intelligence. He would come in with his famous quote and I would often counter, ‘No Pete, no news yet.’”

    On the fateful day of April 3, 2009, Whitty’s team was partnered with Petre’s ODA and while maneuvering into position to gain fire superiority against an enemy stronghold, Petre was mortally wounded.

    Months after his redeployment back to Germany, Whitty admitted that he struggled at times dealing with the loss of his fellow comrade in arms.

    “At that point we lived together for six months and we got to be really good friends,” Whitty said. “For me being one of the guys making decisions, it was really hard because I sometimes wonder if my decisions led to his death or if I could have done something different. I still think about it and I know I can’t go back.”
    Alt articol (mai vechi) aici:
    “In one of the fights, the company served alongside a Romanian special forces detachment. The units responded to a call April 3 for support from another coalition element, and attacked the enemy’s stronghold with direct fire and grenades. During the battle, Hurt left his covered position, exposing himself to an enemy heavy machine gun to establish satellite communications and maintain a link with their support elements.

    Four enemies were confirmed dead. Three of them were believed to be high-value targets, including the Taliban provincial shadow governor.

    The Romanian unit’s captain was killed in the fight. There were no U.S. casualties.

    In the second firefight, the detachment joined forces April 17 with the U.S. Army’s 3rd Squadron, 71st Cavalry Regiment, a Romanian special forces detachment and an Afghanistan National Army platoon for Operation KATAN II. The operation targeted an insurgent commander and the leader of a roadside bomb network in the Mohammad Agha District of Logar province.

    During an ensuing firefight, LeBeau, Smith, Lewis, Mata and Devlin exposed themselves to enemy fire to provide covering fire and to help care for wounded U.S. and Romanian troops. Devlin was moderately injured when a grenade fragment penetrated his Kevlar helmet, but he continued to provide direct fire on the enemy position.

    Post-operation reports confirmed the death of the targeted insurgent commander.

    After Wednesday’s ceremony, the Special Forces soldiers mentioned their new friends in the Romanian special forces detachment, with whom they spent seven months training and fighting.

    “Afterward, I was heartbroken,” Hurt said about the fight in which the Romanian captain was mortally wounded. “We had been working with him for six months. We became friends. Yeah, we knew we removed the Taliban leader. On the other hand, we lost an ally, a brother.”


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