5 thoughts on “De culoare

  1. mihaela

    Conform poeziei:

    When I’m born I’m Black,
    when I grow up I’m Black,
    when I’m in the cold I’m Black,
    when I’m in the sun I’m Black,
    when I’m sick I’m Black,
    when I die I’m Black.

    And you…
    When you’re born you’re Pink,
    when you grow up you’re White,
    when you’re in the cold you’re Blue,
    when you’re in the sun Red,
    when you’re sick you’re Green,
    when you die you’re Purple.
    And you dare to call ME a coloured….”.

    una din rate are vre-o cinci culori .. deci.. 😀

    1. Adelin Petrisor Post author

      Mihaela, nu. Nu am nimic cu el. Înțeleg că am fost colegi și chiar am lucrat cu un program făcut de el.:)


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